In 1996, we began our club as The West Suburban Illini Club.  We held our events in the western suburbs, and 0ur first event, a game watch, was headlined by Stephen Bardo.  Given our membership was a group formed on LinkedIn, it is ironic that Stephen accepted our invitation to speak, through a message on LinkedIn!

Alot has happened since our first event, where we had 30 people attend, and we chose the venue because the evening special was $.50 cent chicken wings.  Monetize Your Morning, our first monthly event, is still active.  It has been an opportunity to introduce new members to the club, to remain connected, and for regular attendees to get to know each other.  The connections from this event have lead to a multitude of people finding jobs and business opportunities, learning about Illini insights, and reconnections of college friends.

Today, we are The Suburban Illini Club.  We host events across Chicagoland, and have active membership on the North Shore, South Side, as well as in the western suburbs.   Our events may be social, business or academic in nature, however we are very careful to always weave the highlights of our alumni in every presentation.

We are proud of where we're our alumni are from, what our alumni have accomplished, and what the future of our University holds.