From the President....



For over 150 years, the University of Illinois has been the flagship university of our great state.  The alumni base in Chicagoland alone, is larger than many other schools have in total.  The quality of the education we, as alumni, have received is of the highest quality and value, as well.  As of today, our alumni generate nearly $14 billion for the Illinois economy on an annual basis!  The talent and innovation generated by our University is unparalelled.



Our Mission

The Suburban Illini Club brings together Chicagoland alumni to (i) encourage engagement between, (ii) inspire involvement with, and (iii) promote and advocate for our fellow alumni and the University of Illinois.


Our Vision

To cultivate a vibrant, active network of University of Illinois alumni who embody the values of inclusion, loyalty, friendship and growth, that enables our alumni to grow personally and professionally.


Our Values


We embrace alumni across time, geography, culture, beliefs, and college.  We believe that together we are stronger and encourage a diversity of ideas, passions and interests.


We support our fellow alumni and the University of Illinois, as we are tied together by a common bond, each with unique experiences, memories and interests.   


We nurture the blending of the individual experiences, reinforced by a commonality of landmarks, educators and avenues, blended by an Illini spirit that is timeless, to form an ongoing relationship with alumni of all ages. 


We insist on preserving the treasure made possible, by the education provided by The University of Illinois experience.  This treasure consists entirely of the knowledge gained, through the experience of success and failure, which is impossible to portray in books, and is the lifeblood and legacy we offer to the alumni of the future.


Please join us by attending our events, inviting your friends and colleagues and offering your input and assistance.  The stronger we grow as a club, the more we can offer to our alumni.  You're already an Illini, now become an active Suburban Illini!  


In Alma We Trust!


Michael Engelhardt, President

The Suburban Illini Club