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Anastasia Falconio, Lead HR Manager at Caterpillar, Inc.

About Anastasia Falconio: Anastasia is currently the head of human resources for a division of Caterpillar Inc. with approximately 4000 globally-located employees.

The division – Diversified Products Division - includes seven unique, diverse business units dedicated to providing purpose-built machines for customers in a variety of niche business segments such as forestry, tunneling, paving, defense and federal products, industrial and waste.

Additionally, the division includes a dedicated business for purpose-built work tools/machine attachments and a unit that works directly with Original Equipment Manufacturers to provide OEMs with partial and full, customized solutions.

Anastasia is a native of Chicago and attended the University of Illinois receiving her B.A. in Speech Communications. She graduated from Emory University School of Law with her Doctor of Law and is licensed to practice in Florida and Illinois.

Her most notable career highlights prior to joining Caterpillar include working in a variety of different HR roles for Walt Disney World, Co., Texas Children's Hospital and Caesar's Entertainment.

Her philosophy is that HR is a strategic business imperative that helps makes companies profitable.

Moderated by:

Michael R. Engelhardt

President, West Suburban Illini Group

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