This Month:  Open Mic!

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and constructive criticisms of our group in a collaborative environment.  Although there is no formal topic this month, come prepared for an active discussion.



Illinois. Our State. Our Team. Logo for Web Graphic 770wOver the last 6 years, the West Suburban Illini Club has gone through many changes.  While our programming and engaged membership continues to improve, we know we have more room to grow. 

Whether this is your first visit to Monetize Your Morning or you are a frequent visitor, your opinions will be valued equally and we are excited to welcome you to our family.


 ~About Monetize Your Morning~

 Hundreds of people have attended over the years and the next event is your opportunity to join this fast moving group.  We've personally become a part of the lives of many people and been able to assist in many different areas.  These include:

  • Assistance for those in transition
  • Making business connections
  • Providing access to unique University resources and information
  • Connections with new graduates entering the workforce
  • Serving as an introduction to the University of Illinois Alumni Association and our local activities

Come for what we can give you,

Stay for what you can give back.