"Filling the Food Gap, One Meal at a Time."

This month in Oak Brook, Pamela Downey,' Member, Board of Directors, will discuss the strategic plans of The Northern Illinois Food Bank and their goalof ensuring no one goes hungry in 2015 and beyond.

  Pamela Downey, Member, Board of Directors


~The Northern Illinois Food Bank~

"Filling the Food Gap, One Meal at a Time."

Nearly 600,000 people each year in a 13-county service area rely on Northern Illinois Food Bank and their network of 800 partner food pantries and feeding programs. In fiscal year 2014, Northern Illinois Food Bank provided the equivalent of 50 million meals to our hungry neighbors, the sad fact is it’s not nearly enough.

Northern Illinois Food Bank is committed to filling this “meal gap” and recently announced a strategic plan with a goal of bringing the number of meals distributed by Northern Illinois Food Bank and its network to 75 million annually by the year 2020, and thus providing every meal, every day, for every hungry neighbor.

Join us in April to learn our plans to ensure that no one goes hungry in northern Illinois.


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