Achieving Breakthrough Results with Dr. Nam K. Hyong, PhD

Dr. Hyong will show us at Monetize Your Morning … The BEHAVIOR BREAKTHROUGH and how it will Lead Your Organization to a new level of production.

Dr. Nam K. Hyong, Phd 


Achieving Breakthrough Results


"New Results Require New Habits"

at the next Monetize Your Morning!  

Dr. Hyong has been specializing in Performance Excellence since 1997. During that time he has come to understand two very different systems in our mind: the rational mind and emotional mind. They compete constantly for control. For example, the rational mind wants a beach body; the emotional mind wants that chocolate bar.  In other words, the rational mind wants to change for the better while the emotional mind loves the comfort of the existing routine.

This tension can doom any effort to change despite the best intentions. But this duality can be overcome to change and results can come quickly!  Dr. Hyong will be discussing how all of us can improve our overall productivity by releasing the tension created by the opposing systems in our mind.  The results will be outstanding for you.


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